Privacy Policy

Cast, Crew and Talent Privacy Notice

1. Scope

This Privacy Notice explains how we use any personal information we collect about you in line with UK data protection laws. For the purposes of this Policy, references to “we”, “us” and “our” means Strawberry Blond TV.


Strawberry Blond TV is a privately-owned, specialist production company, providing content for Broadcasters, Networks, Streaming Services and Brands. We need to collect, use, and disclose information to provide our range of business services. We are committed to the protection of personal information and maintaining organisational and technical procedures to safeguard the privacy and confidentiality of all information provided to us. We hold and process a wide range of information, some which relates to individuals who we engage to work on our productions. This Privacy Notice explains the type of information we process, why we are processing it and how that processing may affect you.


The notice focuses on individuals who we contract to work on our productions. This includes those inproduction roles, such as development producers, casting execs, production assistants, camera crew etc. and also those appearing on-screen be it as extras, contributors or featured performers, as well as voiceover artists. It also covers information on those who have carried out these roles previously.


This Privacy Notice is set out in this document (the Core Notice) and the Supplementary Information in the Annex to this document. In the Supplementary Information, we explain what we mean by “personal data” “processing” “sensitive personal data” and other terms used in the notice.


2. Personal Data: what do we hold and why we process it?


We will actively collect personal information from you where it is fair, reasonable and practical to do in order to provide you with our products and services. We process data for the purposes of our business including for production, broadcasting, distribution, marketing, management, administrative and legal purposes. The Supplementary Information provides more specific information on these purposes, on the type of data that may be processed and on the grounds on which we process data. See Legal grounds for processing personal data and further information on the data we process and our purposes.


a. Personal Information.

Generally, the type of personal information we collect about you is the information needed to facilitate the production. For example, we may collect details such as your name, address, telephone number, email address, passport details, emergency contact and other details relevant to your arrangements with us. When you contact us for other purposes, we may also collect personal information about you in relation to those purposes.


b. Sensitive Information.

In some circumstances, we may ask you for personal information that is considered sensitive under UK data protection law. Sensitive data may include your nationality, dietary or physical and mental health. For example, if your production involves strenuous activity, you will provide a health declaration on current medications, allergies and past medical history.  This essential information will allow us to complete a detailed medical risk assessment and prepare for any medical condition that may require additional medical support or resources and/or affect someone’s ability to complete the production safely.


3. Received Data: Where the data comes from and who gets to see it?


Some personal data that we process about you comes from you directly. For example, if you applied for one of our shows and completed an application form. Or if we pay you directly into a bank account, you tell us your contact and banking details. Other personal data about you is generated in the course of your work, for example from other contractors working on your production, or from our employees.

Your personal information may be seen internally by the relevant mangers for that production, our finance teams, in some circumstances, other employees of ours. We may also pass your data outside the organisation, for

example to people you are dealing with and payroll agencies or (where applicable) for distribution and

marketing purposes. If you do not provide us with your personal information, or if you revoke the consent that you have given under this Policy, this may affect our ability to provide our services to you or feature in our materials.


Our site and online application forms uses cookies, which are small text files that store non-personally identifiable information about you, either temporarily in connection with your Internet Protocol (IP) address (known as a temporary or session cookie and deleted once you close your browser window) or more permanently on the hard drive of your computer (known as a permanent or persistent cookie). This Site uses session cookies so that you do not have to fill in the same information from page to page within  you elect not to receive cookies, you may be able to view some, but not all, of the content on this Site.


Diversity Monitoring UK broadcasters are researching diversity on their productions. This covers diversity characteristics you choose to tell the broadcasters about and also how viewers might perceive diversity on screen. If you have provide us with your e-mail address, we will enter this in a system called Silvermouse. You will be invited to provide, and may do so at your option, your diversity characteristics – gender, ethnicity, disability, age, gender identity and sexual orientation. The broadcaster, as data controller, is responsible for this data and will have access to reports compiled from it for purposes of the research. Further information can be found here:


3. Storage: How long do we keep personal data?

We will actively collect personal information from you where it is fair, reasonable, and practical to do in order to provide you with our products and services. We do not keep your personal data for any specific period but will not keep it for longer than is necessary for our purposes. In general, we will keep your personal data for the duration of your engagement and for a period afterwards.


4. Transferring: Transfers of personal data outside the EEA

We may transfer your personal data outside the EEA to members of our group and processors in the US or, on rarer occasions, other jurisdictions in which we are established. If you featured in a production, the data constituting your performance may be transferred out of the EEA for distribution and marketing purposes.


5. Your Undertakings

For the purposes of these conditions:


a. Representatives in relation to any party includes any agents, directors, members, officers, employees, and legal, accounting, financial or other advisers of the relevant party.


b. Restricted Material means any information or documentation relating to Strawberry Blond or the Series which is disclosed to you or to any of your Representatives by Strawberry Blond or by any of its Representatives or is derived by you or any of your Representatives from any information or material so disclosed.


In consideration of the disclosure of Restricted Material by Strawberry Blond or by any of its Representatives, you undertake that:


5.1 The Restricted Material will be used solely for the Purpose and you shall not, without Strawberry Blond’s prior written consent, make any use (whether for the benefit of you or any third party) of any Restricted Material otherwise than for the Purpose and shall not disclose or divulge any Restricted Material in any way to any other person and shall procure that the same is at all times kept confidential and secret.


5.2 Without Strawberry Blond’s prior written consent you shall not make a public statement concerning the Restricted Material nor disclose to any person the fact that the Restricted Material has been disclosed or that discussions and negotiations are taking place or have taken place relating to the Series or the Purpose or any details of such discussions.


5.3 You will not without the prior written permission of Strawberry Blond make copies of, record, disseminate in any way or part with possession of any of the Restricted Material and if negotiations on the Purpose terminate without agreement or do not proceed to an agreement within 6 (six) months from the date hereof, you shall forthwith deliver to Strawberry Blond all Restricted Material disclosed by Strawberry Blond or by any of its Representatives and any copies or records thereof then in your possession or control and/or of your Representatives and destroy all analysis and materials (recorded in whatever way) including any Restricted Material or containing any information obtained or derived from any Restricted Material.


5.4  The Restricted Information will only be disclosed to you and/or your authorised Representatives in accordance with Clause 3.1 below and your representatives shall procure that no act is done which if done by you would be a breach of the provisions of this letter and shall inform each of your Representatives to whom any Restricted Material has been disclosed of the provisions of this letter.


5.5  You will keep the Restricted Material in proper and secure storage.


5.6  The Restricted Material is and at all times remains the sole and exclusive property of Strawberry Blond. Neither this letter nor any disclosure grants any right or licence to any intellectual property rights owned and controlled by Strawberry Blond.


6. Data Rights

You have a right to make a subject access request to receive information about the data that we process about you. Please contact your Strawberry Blond contact to make a request.


7. Contact Details

In processing your personal data, we act as data controller. Our contact details are as follows:

Steve Wynne | Strawberry Blond TV, 48 West George Street, Glasgow G2 1BP and 45-46 Charlotte Road, London EC2A 3PD


8. Status of this notice:

This notice does not form part of your contract and does not create contractual rights or obligations. It may be amended by us at any time.