We’ve torn up the TV rulebook.
There’s a new team in town.

Award-winning experience combined with young, fresh talent.
We are Strawberry Blond.

Here at Strawberry Blond, we’ve just celebrated our 6 month birthday and in that short time, have broken the mould producing exciting and original content.

Cross-Platform Production

Led by Steve Wynne (who is adamant he is not ginger) Strawberry Blond’s ethos is simple: make brilliant content and love what we do. 

We make content across all platforms.  

We don’t think of digital and telly – we just think of the best ideas. 

(…ideas much less cheesy than that statement)

Making Entertainment, Fact Ent and Children’s content for 20 years. 
The Secret Recipe
Multi Skilled Talent + 20 Years of Experience

Uniquely, we search for brand new production talent. Not only do we know how hard it is to get that first foot in the door, but we also appreciate the untapped potential of multi skilled new entrants who don’t think twice about writing, shooting and cutting for delivery, all in the same day. We’ve found that combining this talent with our 20 years of experience leads to dynamic and fresh content, every time. 

Our teams are encouraged to work across development, production and post and to contribute their own take on the way we do things. Collaboration is the driving force behind everything we do.  

The Strawberry Blond One...

Steve Wynne is an award-winning producer with over 20 years of experience in content and television for broadcasters and networks across the globe.

He was a producer of ITV’s phenomenally successful RTS and BAFTA-award winning series ‘SMTV:Live/CD:UK’. The success of the show was mainly down to the fact that Steve was the voice of Chums.

Leaving Wonkey Donkey behind, Steve was appointed Executive Producer at Disney Channel where he produced the BAFTA-award winning Disney Channel Kids Awards and BAFTA-nominated series ‘Madabout’. He was named a Broadcast Hot Shot, and had his photo taken and everything.

In 2005, Steve joined Warner Brothers International Television as Director of Production. He was responsible for the development and production of all WB television formats created outside the US – from sitcoms to reality. 

In 2007, Steve set up Rival Media – producing primetime series for UK and US networks. Experts in international formats, their hit shows included ‘Rooftop Rainforest’ (Sky 1), ‘Don’t Tell The Bride’ (Discovery), ‘The Shrinks’ (RTE) and ‘Mission Beach’ (BBC2).

Steve launched Pretzel TV in 2014 which was BAFTA nominated for Independent Production Company of the Year for shows including ‘The CBBC Official Chart Show’ (CBBC).

Steve is Dad to three monkeys, likes to write letters of complaint and collects radio jingles.