The Great British Dig | Channel 4


The Great British Dig | Channel 4

Series 1 – 5 x 60′
Series 2 – 10 x 60′

Hugh Dennis and his team of archaeologists excavate the back gardens of Britain, in an attempt to uncover lost history buried beneath the manicured lawns. 
In this first series, they are in search of a Roman Fort, a Viking Burial Ground, William the Conquerors Lost Priory and a secret World War military base.

Our towns and cities are a treasure trove of hidden history, with 6,000 years of human habitation encased in the earth beneath our feet. 
Presented by Hugh Dennis, The Great British Dig sees a team of archaeologists, historians and experts challenge communities to get their hands dirty and uncover the history that is, literally, in their back gardens.

Recruiting a massive team of locals, of all ages and backgrounds to take part in the project…to unearth real artefacts and structures from history, all by doing a series of exploratory digs across the back gardens of an
entire street.
Across each dig project our team will delve into local legends and distant history to pick out the best sites in each location for the most important digs. 
And, they’ll have to convince reluctant homeowners to let an army of archaeologists into
their property and start turning over their treasured turf.

The Great British Dig is a friendly, warm, and inclusive way to bring genuinely exciting archaeology to a mass audience with a format that intuitively creates a unique and engaging story in every episode.